Nottingham Maintenance Company Vision

First for Total Quality Maintenance (TQM)
We at Nottingham Maintenance have a TQM vision, believing and pursuing in TQM will help deliver high quality service to all our customers.
Nottingham Maintenance believes that all who are associated with us will follow and adapt to our vision, this will ensure 
that we can deliver TQM at all times, throughout our supply chain.
If our vision is known, pushed and followed, we will be TQM.
TQM (Total Quality Maintenance)
TQM (Total Quality Management)


Nottingham Maintenance Company Mission Statement

To be known as the Main Name In Maintenance.
To acheive our mission we must follow, pursue and maintain our company vision and core values at all times.
All staff will be encouraged to adapt to these values, team building tasks have been put in place on a daily basis.

Our 5 Core Values:

  • Pride
  • Do more please more
  • Continuous improvement
  • Team Work
  • Communication


Our Culture


NM Services Culture


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